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Victoria Ward Masika - Hillsborough Town Commissioner - NC

Elect Black Women PAC is proud to announce the endorsement of 10 incredible women rounding out our 2023 support and starting our 2024 efforts!

Victoria Ward-Masika is an Independent candidate for County Commissioner in the local community. She is running with a mission to improve the lives of families in the area and to create a better future for all. She is an experienced leader with a strong background in education, who is committed to making a difference. She is passionate about community engagement and strives to create a safe and supportive environment for everyone. She is an advocate for creating more affordable and accessible housing, strengthening the economy, and advocating for schools and families . Masika is committed to listening to and understanding the needs of the community and working to make meaningful and lasting changes.

Give to this slate of candidates here:

Victoria Ward Masika - Hillsborough Town Commissioner - NC -

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