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Gina Gunn Seeks to Ensure All Voices are Represented

Gina Gunn is a community leader who’s taught young people as a teacher in the Nashville Public Schools and now works alongside her husband at St. Thomas Hospital as the Practice Manager working to ensure patients receive the care they need.

Now, she is taking her community service to the next level and applying her experience as she campaigns to serve on the Brentwood City Commission.

“I will say this on the outset: I am not displeased with a lot of things that go on in the city of Brentwood, I just think Brentwood also needs another diverse voice at the table, a new voice.”

This was the voice Gina Gunn brought to the Brentwood 50th Committee where she served as the only person of color on the committee.

The lack of diversity and representation is an ongoing issue on Brentwood’s city committees, something she wants to change while in office.

“I was the only person of color on that committee: I hate to keep drawing parallels to that, but so many times you don’t see too many people of color on any of the committees within the city of Brentwood. So I was hoping that [in] doing it I could try to encourage others to participate in things that the city has to offer.”

Her top issue is addressing traffic congestion and ensuring that the city of Brentwood is growing at a rate that maintains livability for the city’s residents.

“I want to make sure that we’re growing at a rate that is safe and secure for us… the traffic is one of the things that I see as one of our issues; when we moved out here, it took me 15-minutes to go from my house to downtown.

Pre-Pandemic, it was taking me 40 [minutes] to an hour. As long as we are going to continue with growth, we need to somehow be able to make a way for all these people that want to live and work in Brentwood to have a way in and out of here. So the roads, traffic, growth of the subdivisions and businesses are all tied together; if we don’t get a control on that, we’re going to lose our way of life.”

Gina Gunn has faced the same issues her community members have faced and is seeking office to provide a diverse voice and a fresh perspective to the conversation.

“I think that a different voice, a different viewpoint coming to the table will give a different opinion; whether they take the opinion is up to them because they’re going to outnumber any different ideas that I have, but I think that me coming to the table will enable other people to also give voice to our community.”

This past week, Nashville and Tennessee lost a legend — Senator Thelma Harper. Senator Harper, elected in 1989, was the first Black woman elected to serve in the Tennessee Senate and was the longest-serving woman in Tennessee’s history. Gina Gunn, like Senator Harper once did, seeks public office to better her community and make sure that all community members are represented.

Elect Black Women PAC is proud to endorse Gina Gunn in her campaign to serve on the Brentwood City Commission and know she will serve her community well. Donate to and endorse Gina Gunn to help her get elected on May 4, 2021. We need all of us working together to change the face of our government.

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