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Elect Black Women PAC is Shining a Light on Races to Watch

The November elections are over, yet Black women are still running for office. There is no off season in electoral politics and candidates not only need your vote — if you live in their districts — they also need your support. Voting for and supporting Black women who are running for office is the action needed to actually change the face of government.

Elect Black Women PAC is proud to introduce our first three Races to Watch. These are elections we are highlighting to shine a spotlight on and give you extra opportunities to donate to, support, and endorse these Black women candidates who are running for office.

Karen Carter Peterson is the former Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party and a current member of the Louisiana State Senate representing District 5. Now, she is running a special election for Congress to represent Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District.

After Hurricane Katrina, Karen led the effort to make sure communities left in disrepair received the unspent federal aid to have neighborhoods return. Over half a million Louisiana’s have access to affordable healthcare because Karen led the charge to expand Medicaid after then Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal refused. Karen led the effort to overhaul Louisiana’s criminal justice system that invested in rehabilitation, reduced mandatory minimums, and limited life sentences for juvenile defendants. Karen protected a woman’s right to choose by successfully fighting the proposed anti-choice “heartbeat” bill.

You can donate to and endorse Karen Carter Peterson on her Crowdpac page to help her win on March 20, 2021.

Tishaura Jones is running to serve as the next Mayor of the City of St. Louis. Previously, Tishaura was elected to represent District 63 in Missouri’s House and then as Treasurer for the city of St. Louis. Tishaura is the first African American woman in Missouri’s history to serve as St. Louis Treasurer and the first Assistant Minority Floor Leader while she served in the Missouri House.

During her tenure as Treasurer, the Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE) and OFE’s College Kids Program. The College Kids Program has helped over 16,000 students in public school start saving through educational savings accounts. To date, over a million dollars has been saved to help these 16,000 students have access to higher education.

“Our City stands at a crossroads. Every day, we are haunted by the ghosts of our past, by centuries-old problems, and every day, it seems like we attempt the same tired solutions. Today I’m asking you to dream bigger.” — Tishaura Jones

If elected, Tishaura will be the first Black woman elected to serve as the Mayor of the city of St. Louis.

You can donate to and endorse Tishaura Jones on her Crowdpac page to help her win her primary on March 2, 2021.

Cynthia Stanley-Cash is campaigning to represent District 5 on the Chattanooga City Council. She retired from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and is now seeking elected office.

Cynthia got her start serving on the PTA as a volunteer and later served as the President of the North Brainerd Neighborhood Association. One of her crowning achievements was to have a new bridge installed to make local shopping more accessible. Her platform focuses on fair wages, affordable housing, small business support, educational opportunities, and community policing.

You can donate to and endorse Cynthia Stanley-Cash on her Crowdpac page to help her win her primary on March 2, 2021.

These three candidates make Elect Black Women PAC’s Races to Watch list because their proven track record and exciting campaigns will not only be historic milestones, but also these three women will serve their districts and make their communities better. Elect Black Women.

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