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Elect Black Women PAC is Proud to Endorse Cassandra and Mary!

This morning, Elect Black Women PAC celebrated as Marché Johnson, one of our endorsed candidates, moved forward to an April 27th runoff election! In 2019, Marché lost by 6 votes. Now, she moves into the Runoff Election as the frontrunner! Donate to and endorse Marché!

We know that Black women candidates don’t have the resources other candidates have when they step up to run for office. That’s one of the reasons Elect Black Women PAC was founded and it’s why we are excited to announce two additional Black women candidates that Elect Black Women PAC is endorsing.

Cassandra J. Matz is running to serve as Village President of Olympia Fields, Illinois. She founded Women Leading the Way and is a member of the Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s Advisory Council. In addition to her corporate experience with companies such as American Express and The Eastman Kodak Company, she also served as Chief of Staff over two-term State Senator Michael E. Hastings who represented Illinois 19th Legislative District. In 2017, she was elected to an at-large seat to represent Olympia Fields village residents.

Elect Black Women PAC is proud to endorse Cassandra J Matz and we know she will serve Olympia Fields well as Village President. Election Day is April 6, 2021. Don’t forget to donate to and endorse Cassandra!

Mary D. Harris is running to serve on the Wylie City Council. She is a true Texan and as she would describe what that means, “what America is all about!” She is an insurance account executive and marketing expert. She serves on the City of Wylie Ethics Board and was a former CASA (Court Appointed Advocate for Abused Children).

“I’ve always been a bridge connector for those who want more for themselves and their community.” — Mary Harris

Elect Black Women PAC is proud to endorse Mary D. Harris for Wylie City Council and we know she will serve her community well. Election Day is May 1, 2021. Don’t forget to donate to and endorse Mary!

These candidates can’t win without your support! Together, we can change the face of our government. Elect Black Women.

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