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Chief of Staff

Field Manager

Black women are underrepresented in municipal and statewide executive jobs. This is because Black women face unique barriers to political participation: they often lack the socio-economic resources of other women leading to questions about "electability" and having a broad base of supporters. We seek to help Black women overcome these challenges by helping Black women to raise money and thereby prove “viability."


We Amplify, Connect and Encourage Black women to run for office.


In rural communities across Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas, Black women are often left out of the conversation unless they are running for Mayor or statewide office. But, down-ballot offices are where many successful Black women politicians get their start. They are effectively being locked out of politics altogether if they don't get any support until they are on a statewide or national stage.  On top of that, there are limited supports for the Black women that do decide to run.


Over the next two years, we expect that the number of Black women running will further exceed available support explicitly targeted for Black women.  Our Chief of Staff role will ensure that the Elect Black Women PAC is ready to meet this challenge.