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The Story of Elect Black Women

Founded in 2020

It’s past time we address the violence, trauma, and inequities present in the everyday lives of Americans -- in education, housing, funding and policing. We need to work on electing new leaders who understand the systemic roots of these injustices.

Right now, there is an army of qualified, capable, powerful Black women candidates ready to to serve at every level of leadership and bring about a new time in our countries history of racial, social and economic justice. But we're just getting started -- and we need to build the funds to support their races.

With your help, we'll FUND women's campaigns against anti-Black, pro-suppression agendas.

I’m asking you to join me and the thousands of people who are fighting on the front lines to change our political landscape by donating to become a Member of Elect Black Women today. 

Thank you for joining us as we make history by ending the systemic barriers keeping capable women from power. 

Yours in service,

Ruby Powell-Dennis

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